Neff Animal Adjustable Hat Dresses Your Head In Cartoonish Beasts


You like dressing up in mascot costume.  As you learned the hard way, though, furries get no respect.  So you stroll down to your office job decked like everyone else — in a tailored suit and leather shoes.  And maybe an Animal Adjustable Hat on your head so you can still get your mascot jollies.

Made by Neff, the headwear is actually like a regular trucker cap.  Except it’s got animal face prints on the foam front panel. And animal ears sticking out.  And a tail.  That way, you look like a cartoon animal from the forehead up (and an erstwhile regular geek everywhere else).

The Neff Animal Adjustable Hat is a one-size mesh cap with an adjustable snapback closure. It uses a polyester-cotton foam for the front and a poly-mesh back, with eyes and snout graphics screen-printed on the material for a strong hold.

Three designs are currently available for the line — fox (orange), bear (brown) and racoon (black).  The prints are intentionally cartoonish, so it’s quite the interesting headwear for anyone into looking like a cute cartoon animal.  Like little children.  And ironic hipsters.  And, uhm, you.

Sure, it’s not the same thing as being able to hit the streets wearing your favorite Polar Bear costume.  In the interest of looking like a well-adjusted member of society, though, it will do.  You can get the Neff Animal Adjustable Hat now, priced at $25.95

[Jack Surfboards]