Yes, Even Motorcycle Helmets Look Cute With Giant Cat Ears


Remember that Predator Motorcycle Helmet that made you look like a sentient humanoid alien, hunting and stalking dangerous lifeforms while riding around on your bike? It was awesome. However, every Predator needs a proper prey and we think we finally found one: basically, you’re going after whoever is wearing one of these Neko Helmets.

Made by Russian outfit Nitrinos, it’s a full-face motorcycle helmet – the same thing you see a lot of riders wearing while atop their motorized steeds. Except, unlike other protective headwear, it comes with oversized cat ears, making whoever wears one look like a motorcycling Catwoman (yes, even if whoever’s wearing it happens to be a man).


The Neko Helmet uses an IXS-1000 as a base helmet, which Nitrinos has customized with cat ears made out of fiberglass. It’s quite the capable helmet, with a protective visor, a folding sun-visor, dual ventilation, and a 100 percent polyester lining that’s completely removable. Since the ears are, essentially, aftermarket attachments, they recommend using it strictly for riding at slower speeds, with the ears likely to fly off towards the unfortunate motorist behind you once you kick up the speed past 60 mph. Yes, there’s also a good chance they’ll detach if you take any hard impact with the helmet on.


There are four options in colorways for the helmet. You can get it in a single color, two colors (any combination you request), three colors (again, any combination), or aerographed with custom graphics of your choosing. And, yes, you can have them draw an actual cat’s face on it to complete your motorcycling cosplay outfit.

Available now, pricing for the Neko Helmet starts at $495.

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