A Unique Shape Allows Nemo’s Riff Sleeping Bag To Accommodate Side-Sleepers


Sleeping bags are great, since they let you get comfortable sleep even in the wild backcountry.  Every single one, however, confines you within its narrow dimensions, making it just a little more challenging for side-sleepers and other folks who can’t quite catch slumber simply lying on their backs. The Nemo Riff offers a much more forgiving alternative.

Sporting a unique “spoon” shape, the sleeping bag provides plenty of extra room at the elbows and knees, allowing you to turn on your side while inside the bag without any difficulty. Simply put, you can change positions multiple times while inside without getting tangled up, making it perfect for folks who aren’t the most peaceful creatures in bed.


The Nemo Riff is stuffed with 800-fill-power Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, so this should keep you plenty toasty even after spills, while a pair of zippered slits out front (they call them Thermo Gills) provide ventilation when it gets a little too hot without allowing cold draft in. A feature Blanket Fold adds some hanging material along the collar, which you can tuck inside to cover any gaps around the neck and shoulder to keep things even toastier.

Features include a waterproof footbox, vertical baffles to prevent the fill from moving (so it stays at even warmth), a pillow pocket, a zippered stash pocket, and a full-length double slider zipper closure. It comes in two temperature ratings: 15 degrees and 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available now, the Nemo Riff is priced starting at $349.95.

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