Use This NeoCover Switch Plate To Never Lose Your Keys Again

Keep forgetting where you put the keys last night?  Fortunately, that’s a problem with plenty of solutions, from magnetic boards to valet trays to mini-shelves.  What if you don’t really want to mount any new fixture to your wall or add any more containers to an already crowded side table?  Maybe you’ll appreciate the NeoCover, a magnetic faceplate replacement for light switches.

Designed to hold metal objects at the bottom of the light switch, you can simply slap your entire key fob onto the thing when you turn the lights on to keep it there overnight.  That way, you never have to spend a good part of the morning searching all over for the keys you actually absent-mindedly placed right behind the TV.  Yeah, good luck finding that.

The Neocover is an erstwhile regular-looking faceplate, with super-strong neodymium magnets installed near the bottom of the panel.   It installs, pretty much, like any replacement switch plate, too, so a few minutes with a screwdriver should be all the work it requires.   The magnets onboard can support the weight of 27 keys, so unless you’re a building super or something, it should handle however many keys you regularly walk around with.  Aside from keys, the switch plate can also be used to hold tools, pocket knives, and any other reasonably light object that can stick onto magnets.   Each plate comes with nickel-plated key rings that you can use as a key fob.

Available in palette-neutral white, the Neocover retails for $35.

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