Nerf Bandolier: Maximum Ammo For Your Foam Warfare

A full load of ammunition on your Nerf Blaster can only go so far.  Eventually, you’ll need to reload to keep fighting and this Nerf Bandolier keeps you as ready for war as a geek version of John Rambo can ever be.

Designed to keep you with a healthy supply of foam bullets within easy reach, you can clip the strap to your Blaster or sling it over your shoulder like a guerilla in the middle of jungle warfare.  That way, you can walk around the office challenging random co-workers to foam battles, striking fear into the core of their souls.

The Nerf Bandolier has room for up to twelve darts and six quick-reload clips, affording you quite a hefty stash to last the fiercest inter-cubicle battles.  Package only comes with twelve darts and two clips, though, so you’ll have to fill in the four remaining storage space with additional kits (hey, nobody said playing war games with foam ammo is cheap).

If you forked out for one of those elaborate foam-blasting guns, you might as well go all out and get yourself a full battle gear.  The Nerf Bandolier gets you ever closer to that.  It’s available from Amazon, priced at $9.99 and there are also some eBay deals as below.