Nerf Better than Balloons Bring Quick-Filling, Self-Sealing, and Clean-Bursting Functions to the Water Balloon

Bunch of Balloons, now owned by Zuru, changed summer water fights when they first showed up nearly a decade ago, as they allowed you to fill up a hundred water balloons in one go, so you can start soaking people in no time. It’s incredibly convenient compared to the alternatives. With the Nerf Better than Balloons, the outfit that makes some of the best water blasters offers an equally convenient alternative.

Just like Bunch of Balloons, the toy lets you fill up a batch of a balloons simultaneously, letting you set up your water balloon fights a lot faster compared to the one-at-a-time pace of traditional balloons. Granted, it only does a dozen balloons at a time, which is a far cry from the hundred at a time that Bunch can do, but it does pack a few other tricks that might make it a more interesting option for the kids to play with for summer fun in parks and backyard.

The Nerf Better than Balloons consists of a flat sheet with a hose valve at the top. Connect your garden hose to the included reusable adapter, hook it up to the valve, and turn on the faucet to automatically fill up the 12 pod-shaped balloons included in the sheet, which automatically seal themselves as soon as you tear them out, so you don’t have to spend any time tying each individual balloon shut to get you ready for a water balloon fight even sooner. That’s right, you just tear the balloons off and play with them, allowing you to go from filling up with water and chucking the balloons at your friends in no time.

According to Nerf, they decided to limit it to a dozen at a time, so people don’t end up with 100 balloons when they only need a few. Switching from one sheet to another should also not take that much time, so you should be able to fill up a few sheets pretty quickly, especially since you don’t have to tie the balloons after you’re done filling everything up.

The Nerf Better than Balloons are made from a material that’s designed to burst on impact, allowing it to make a big splash much like regular water balloons. Unlike standard water balloons, though, that can break apart into separate pieces when they hit a surface too hard, these ones are designed to stay in one piece even after they burst. That makes them easier to spot on the ground during clean-up, so you don’t end up with little pieces of rubber scattered around everywhere that’s just an absolute hassle to find and collect.

Each pack of these new water balloons contains nine of those pod sheets, giving you a total of 108 water balloons in each set, all of which you should be able to fill up and tear off the sheet in just a few minutes if you’re stockpiling ammo, giving you a big load to launch an all-out attack. The balloons come in three colors, namely pink, orange, and blue.

The Nerf Better than Balloons are available now.

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