Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire Lets You Rain Down Foam Arrows

Want to rain down a swath of foam arrows on your enemies at the pull of a trigger?  Unless you have twenty hands to carry one rifle each, the Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire should be your office warfare weapon of choice.

Able to unleash twenty darts (which is eight more than what your opponents have on their Nerf bandoliers) onto fellow cubicle-dwelling combatants in rapid succession, it’s like having a veritable army in your hands.  Sure, the beefy plastic construction looks heavy,  but it deftly makes up for it with the sheer volume of damage you can inflict on unfortunate targets.

The Nerf Dart Tag Swampfire uses a rotating barrel to unload one foam dart after another.  Naturally, the mechanism requires a bit more juice than other Nerf guns, so you need to put the AAs aside and load it with six “C” batteries for power (I know — stocking up on those batteries sounds like a hassle).  Blaster, by the way, needs to be turned on in order to fire any shots.

Clad in a roundish shape with a yellow and black color scheme, it’s not the prettiest fake gun around.  Still, with a detachable shoulder stock, comfy-looking handling and the ability to unload twenty soft-tipped bullets in one fell swoop, we doubt anyone will end up complaining.

Release for the Swarmfire is slated in the Spring, with an expected retail price of $30.

[via Dvice]