Nerf Pro Stryfe X Finally Brings A Half-Length Foam Dart Blaster To The Line

Several years ago, Dart Zone pioneered the half-length foam dart, which quickly found fans due to its higher accuracy and better overall performance, not to mention being easier to carry in volume due to the smaller size. Instead of hopping onto the trend, Nerf opted to compete by making blasters that shot tiny foam balls like the Rival and modified foam darts like the Ultra One. We’re guessing neither of those went the blockbuster route since the outfit is finally embracing the half-length format with the Nerf Pro Stryfe X.

That’s right, Nerf is finally going in on half-length foam darts and they’re doing it with a modified version of the N-Strike Elite Stryfe from a few years back. Instead of traditional foam darts, this one is designed to take those half-size 36mm darts that fly faster, further, and play just so much better than the good, old 72mm foam darts used across most of Nerf’s blasters.

The Nerf Pro Stryfe X is a compact blaster clad in the style of a machine pistol, making it a convenient blaster to carry as either a primary or secondary weapon. It uses a longer clip than the original Stryfe, allowing it to fit 15 half-length foam darts in one go, all while being slimmer, giving it an overall more streamlined look.  The grip on this blaster was redesigned to be bigger for a more secure hold in hand, while Rival-style tactical rails at the top rear and below the muzzle allow you to add accessories to really kit it out for battle. There’s also a stock attachment point and a sling mount.

Inside, it’s powered by two electric flywheel motors that can spin at a rate of 30,000 RPM, allowing it to propel the tiny darts at speeds of up 150 feet per second (over 100 mph), making it viable for use in sport-grade blaster fights. The blaster uses concave flywheels, by the way, ensuring it gets a firm grip on the darts for successful launches each time out. Those motors draw power from a 1000 mAh battery that can be loaded right above the trigger grip. It’s removable, so you can easily take it out for recharging,

The Nerf Pro Stryfe X comes with 30 of those half-length foam darts, so you get enough ammo to full up two clips for battle. We don’t know yet if it’s compatible with half-length darts from other outfits since we’re still yet to see how Nerf’s own darts look in person, so there’s no certainty whether you can use your own stash of Dart Zone foam darts for this thing. Because of the high-velocity launches it can produce, the blaster is rated for ages 14 and up, so you’ll probably want to keep the small ones off this thing. It also ships with a pair of safety googles, since that 150 foot per second dart speed isn’t going to be comfortable if it ever hits you in the eyes.

Want one? The Nerf Pro Stryke X is scheduled to hit shelves October 15th.

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