Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow For Girls

Hasbro’s Nerf Rebelle Blasters Bring Foam Warfare To Girls – Exclusive Pics

Girls can shoot foam darts, too.  And they can do it with the rage of a thousand scorned wives.  Well, I actually don’t know that, but everyone deserves to get rid of pent-up aggression by blasting foam projectiles into their targets of choice.  And while foam warfare has largely been the domain of boys (and men who act like boys), the Nerf Rebelle, which Hasbro is launching this Fall, will seek to balance out the scales.

Aimed squarely at girls, the foam-firing weapons bring the same high-performance action as regular Nerfs but augment it with a more stylish design based on current pop culture trends (basically, whatever young girls like at the moment, so a Justin Bieber — or more like Selena Gomez — target isn’t completely out of the question).  Oh yeah, they’re integrating it with social gaming aspects, too, making the whole thing a lot more suited to modern casual play than plain old “shoot em ups” the way boys like it.

Granted, these toys will likely stir some controversy for the gender stereotyping, but it’s not like that’s anything new, right?  Read on below to see all the stuff you can you look forward to in the Nerf Rebelle line.

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Buy

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow For Girls

Most girls don’t care much for movies with machine guns and rocket grenades.  But that Hunger Games thing with crossbows and stuff — yeah, that will work.  We’re guessing that’s the extent of the brainstorming process for the Nerf Rebelle Alpha Heartbreaker Bow, which lets you do the whole Katniss Everdeen thing with foam arrows.

The bow is clad in an undeniably feminine design, looking almost like a bird with outstretched wings.  And, yes, it loads heavy on the pink hue and girlish accents.  Plus, the bow will be customizable with numerous add-ons Hasbro plans to release down the line (OMG, I just want multi-colored ribbons and a Hello Kitty with a flower on her head, pleeeez), as well as a smartphone app and a mounting cradle for your phone.

To use the Nerf Rebelle Alpha Heartbreak Bow, just load one of the darts in the front and take aim.  When your target is in the crosshairs, pull back on the drawstring and release to launch your foam arrow at the target over distances of up to 75 feet.  Each dart will need to be loaded individually, although you can keep five at a time on a storage compartment right on the bow for easy reloading.   The Nerf Rebelle Alpha Heartbreak Bow, which comes with five collectible darts, will retail for $19.99. 

Nerf Rebelle Crossbow Buy

Not a fan of that old Robin Hood stick with a drawstring weapons system?  If you prefer shooting with a burly stock for more accurate aiming, then the Nerf Rebelle Crossbow should be your foam-firing weapon of choice.

Like the Bow, this one goes heavy on the pink and purple, with a rotating barrel system similar to many Nerf pistols.  It will also come with optional accessories, including a smartphone cradle for sniping at virtual targets from the upcoming mobile game.

The Nerf Rebelle Crossbow features a front-loaded barrel that can hold six foam darts at a time.  To use, slide the front handle to flex the bow arms back, then pull the trigger to send the projectiles ricocheting one at a time.  Like the bow, it can send the soft-impact ammunition soaring to distances of up to 75 feet.  Want to fire multiple darts at once?  Keep your hold on the trigger and pump the slide handle — that should do the trick.  It comes with six collectible darts and will be priced at $24.99.

Nerf Rebelle Mission Central App

Designed to work with both the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow and the Nerf Rebelle Crossbow (as of now, they are the only two blasters confirmed for compatibility), the Mission Central app lets players go on quests and battles, shooting virtual arrows using their very real Nerf weapons.  Game features include a personalized avatar, multi-player gameplay, real-time capture of stills and videos, and more.  The game is free to download, but it requires use of the Rebelle smartphone cradle, which will retail for $14.99.

Nerf Rebelle Alpha Girl Mission Kit

If you prefer to shoot it up cowgirl-style, then skip the bows and go for a standard Nerf.  In case you still want that Rebelle signature dolled-up deco, though, the Nerf Rebelle Alpha Girl Mission Kit should suit you better.

A pistol designed to be used with one hand, it takes on the same feminine styling as the other weapons, complete with purple and magenta accents.  It won’t have the same smartphone cradle and app (as of now, at least), but it comes with a bunch of accessories for your gaming enjoyment, including a belt-clip hip holster and Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear eyewear.

The Nerf Rebelle Alpha Girl Mission Kit is a small pistol with a five-dart revolving barrel.  Designed for one-handed firing, you use your thumb to ready the pistol by pulling on a lever and then hitting the trigger to fire.  Despite the small size, it can send foam darts flying at targets up to 75 feet away.  It comes with five collectible darts and will retail for $19.99.

Nerf Rebelle Sneak Attackers Two Pack

Want to kill time shooting stuff with your BFF when you get bored staring at your Twitter timelines and Tumblr dashboards?  Pick up this Nerf Rebelle Sneak Attackers Two Pack, which arms the two of you in mini-blasters that hide some serious foam-shooting firepower.

Clad in a feminine pink and purple color scheme, the hand pistols are small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, so you can carry them for protection in the event a foam battle breaks out of nowhere.  Because of the size, it can only fit two darts at a time, but it should suffice for emergency purposes, especially since it can send foam projectiles darting at up to 60 feet away.

The Nerf Rebelle Sneak Attackers Two Pack will retail for $12.99.

Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Mini Crossbow

The Crossbow a little too big for your stealth Nerf warfare needs?  Not a problem, since it’s got a little cousin: the Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Mini Crossbow.

While considerably smaller than the standard Nerf crossbow, it packs the same shooting power, able to send projectiles a whopping 75 feet away.  It doesn’t have the revolving barrel of its larger cousin, but it does have compartments in the bow’s arms to hold backup ammo. Clad in a pink hue, the toy is as cute as it is powerful, all while fitting into moderately spacious purses.

The Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Mini Crossbow will retail for $9.99.


Aside from the weapons and the app, the Rebelle line also includes numerous accessories, including dart refill packs with colorful patterns (12 darts, $6.99), an accessory bag for holding your backup ammo (comes with 10 darts, $14.99), and the Vision Gear Eyewear that comes bundled with the Alpha Girl Mission Kit ($6.99).

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Latest video of Heartbreaker Bow and Crossbow in action below: