Nerf Rival Perses Brings The Rival’s High-Speed Gunplay To Close-Quarters Combat


Nerf has been slowly rounding out the Rival line, with new blasters regularly coming out to serve different gunplay needs. Their latest, the Nerf Rival Perses, brings the fight to tight spaces, combining a compact size with a high firing rate to keep you competitive in close-quarters combat.

That’s right, there’s a new Rival blaster in town and it’s much more compact than anything before it, making it the ideal shooter for folks who want a blaster that can fit comfortably inside a small backpack. Even better, it’s light and small enough to carry one-handed, allowing you to go in with two guns ablazing, in case you prefer rolling like an action hero.

The Nerf Rival Perses shares the same basic traits as other Rival blasters: it fires at a rate of 8 rounds per second, sends foam spheres flying at a velocity of 70 mph, and reaches distances of up to 100 feet, so it bears the same powerful capabilities as its bigger siblings. It’s flywheel-powered and fully motorized, so it does get a little noisy during combat (forget about being sneaky with this thing), while an integrated shoulder stock, iron sight, and underside tactical rail gives you the means to unload on opponents with precision.

Like the newer blasters in the line (such as the Nemesis and the Prometheus), the hopper is positioned at the top, making it incredibly easy to access compared to the side-loading hoppers of the original Rivals. The downside? The hopper only holds 50 rounds, so you’re going to have to keep reloading, in case you get a little too spray-happy.

The Nerf Rival Perses will be available in Fall 2019, priced at $100.