NES Controller Coffee Table – I Want One

I’ve seen plenty of coffee tables dolled up like a retro gaming controller.  Apparently, many young people who never played with them old consoles find them cool.  But we doubt any of those tables we’ve seen before can match up to this NES Controller Coffee Table, which you can actually use to play your favorite 8-bit games of yesteryear.

Created by furniture maker Charles Lushear, it’s basically a supersized NES Controller with legs.  So big, in fact, that you can use it as  stylish coffee table for putting your feet up and holding the nut bowl while you fiddle with the remote looking for something good on TV.

While not the first furniture to steal inspiration from retro gaming machines, the NES Controller Coffee Table steps up the game by building the top entirely from wood, all while ditching the black, gray and red color scheme of the original controller.  Instead of the faithful colorway, they opted to use the natural tones of the wood used (maple, mahogany and walnut), ending up with a piece that looks more like a proper piece of elegant furniture than a novelty table to hide in the closet when your mother in law comes around.  Table dimensions are 42 x 18.25 x 18 inches.

As for the controller part, you can get it for plugging into both old NES systems and PCs (via USB), so you can use it to play classic games, whether you’re using ancient cartridges or a software emulator.  All cords are retractable, as well, so you can hide them away from sight when you’re not playing.

Each NES Controller Coffee Table is built-to-order, with a waiting period of 4 to 6 weeks.  Price starts at $3,500.

[via Gizmag]