Use The Nest Secure To Protect Your Home From Intruders


Nest already manages your home’s temperature with their thermostat and keeps an eye out for intruders with their security camera. Next stop? Keep guard of every part of your home. That’s exactly what you can do with the Nest Secure, a smart security alarm system.

A multi-component system, the rig is an all-in-one security set that guards your entire house, from the front and back doors to the windows and individual bedrooms. Unlike traditional security systems, it’s designed to set up without requiring professional installation and maintenance, making it a simpler and more affordable solution compared to other alternatives.


The Nest Secure consists of different items, namely the Guard, the Detect, and the Tag. The Guard is the central hub of the system, housing the alarm, the motion sensor, the keypad, and the central brain of the kit, with built-in Wi-Fi that allows it to hop onto your network, so you can monitor everything from the accompanying app. The Detect, on the other hand, is a sensor that mounts on doors and windows that can recognize whenever it’s open or closed, while the Tag is a small device that people in your house can use to quickly arm and disarm the alarm without needing to enter a passcode on the Guard or launch the app on your phone.

The Guard is a bowl-shaped device measuring 3.7 x 2.1 inches (diameter x height), so it’s small enough to make room for in any coffee table, side table, or media cabinet in the living room. It has a proximity sensor that automatically wakes the device when someone approaches, with the ability to detect tampering. The onboard motion sensor has a 90-degree field of view that works up to 10 feet away, while the siren blares at around 85db from a 10-foot distance.


The Nest Secure’s Detect sensors can recognize both the opening of doors and windows, as well as motion in the room, so you can use it to put a working motion sensor in every room in the house. It comes with two components, a larger one that you mount onto doors and windows as well as a smaller one that mounts to the frame, with the two snapping together via magnets when the door or window closes. When mounting on walls for use as a motion detector, you only need to mount the larger component, which also comes with a built-in LED that you can use as a nightlight (just turn it on via the app on the way to the bathroom).  It comes with adhesive strips for easy mounting, although each one also includes a flat mounting bracket and a corner mounting bracket for a more permanent installation.


The base package comes with a Guard unit, two Detect sensors, and two Tags, with any additional unit (yes, you’ll definitely buy more sensors) available separately. Nest is also said to be working with smart lock companies, so they can integrate their data into the security system.

Slated for availability in November, the Nest Secure is priced at $499.

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