Nestbox Camera Kit Lets You Watch Birds, Big Brother Style


Ever entertained voyeuristic fantasies about watching birds live out their days?  Now you can, with Pro-Idee’s Nestbox Camera, a bird house with a pre-installed video recorder streaming live feeds to your home display 24/7.

Just like Big Brother for the birds, you can watch what the flying critters do inside their homes when they think nobody’s watching.  If  that sounds a tad creepy, well, it is.   For avid birdwatchers, though, this may be a way to finally catch your favorite pets during unguarded moments and see what really goes on under those feathers, behind closed doors.  Yes, it’s still creepy.

The main bird house consists of a nestbox that measures 19.5 x 34.5 x 17cm, made from weatherproof pine wood.  Pro-Idee suggests hanging it by a nail from a tree or a garden shed about two meters from the ground, with the entrance facing either the south or east (for protection, according to them).

Inside the house is a 26 x 27 x 60 mm camera (with mic), transmitting images at 368,000 pixels.  The wireless transmitter can work up to 100 meters, which should allow a good enough distance to perform your bird-peeping.  You can connect the receiver to any standard television set to enjoy the bird feed (yes, pardon the pun).  The offsite camera and mic can juice up either via your home’s power or a 9-volt battery.

While I can’t imagine ever needing this for anything, maybe a few folks out there really do – like the mother and daughter tandem in the above product photo.  I suppose it will be cool to record your bird’s eggs hatching, but do you really want to watch anything else that goes on unless you’re filming for the Animal Planet?

Pro-Idee is selling the Nestbox Camera Kit for $211.

[Pro-Idee via Treehugger]