Never Forget Your Toothbrush Again


How many times has this happened to you: you pack up everything you believe you need for a trip, travel, arrive at your destination, and start unpacking only to realize that you left something behind that you really need?  It seems something always gets left out, be it a toothbrush or your notes on your presentation to dozens of your business colleagues.  No matter what it is, there’s a new system that will make certain you never leave anything behind again: Packwhiz.

Packwhiz is a web-based trip packing list generator that makes packing for a trip a breeze.  Packwhiz is one of those sites that is very easy to use and operate, which is just what the creators of the system intended.  They want everyone to be able to use this site to create their packing list.  Packwhiz will give you a few prompts and even has pre-made lists of basics that you can add to your packing list (although this list sometimes includes odd things like tongue-scrapers that you may not need).  Editing the lists are quite simple, and you can easily remove items you don’t need to pack and add items you do.

Once you’ve got your packing list done, you can save it for future use.  You don’t even need to create a new account if you’ve got a Google account—the two systems are integrated.  You can then create a packing list that’s standard for your business trips, make another for family vacations, or make one for a romantic get-away.

Packwhiz isn’t a new idea—there are other websites out there that will do the same thing—but it is one of the easier sites to use, and the fact that you can use your Google account to save lists makes it that much easier to use.