Never Lose The Remote Again


Hey, honey, throw me the remote. Oh wait. Nooooooo.

Don’t worry, your wife probably won’t be able lift this cool remote control hack overhead, much less dump it your way.  You’re safe…as long as your wife isn’t Chynna from the WWE.

From the hilarious pages of “There I Fixed It” comes one of the coolest solutions for always-missing remotes:  chain it to a large, dense block of metal.  I’m not sure what the heck that slab of steel is (a modified anvil or a section of a railroad track, perhaps?), but it sure gets the job done.  Let’s see how you can misplace the remote with this thing strapped to it.

With so many technological advancements today, it’s a wonder that this is the best solution I’ve seen for keeping tabs on your remote control.   Of course, it adds a few cumbersome pieces to your living room, like an immovable object on your coffee table and a thick chain dangling anytime you reach out to change the channel.  Shouldn’t be too bad, though.

Just make sure the little kids in your house can’t carry whatever slab of metal you use and you’ll be fine.  Otherwise, that’s a serious accident waiting to happen (maybe even a visit from Child Services), so put a little thought into it.

[There I Fixed It via Crunch Gear]