Never Run Out Of USB Slots With The 49-Port USB Hub

At this day and age when gadgets and peripherals rule our roost, you can never have enough USB slots – or so you thought.  When your 4-port hub just doesn’t do the trick anymore, you know it’s time to upgrade. Apparently, some company has exactly what you need – and probably more.

If you thought eight-port hubs and 10-port motherboards were extremely generous, it’s time to broaden your horizons with this 49-port USB hub from Cambrionix.  Think about it: you can plug in all your peripherals, data cables and USB chargers permanently with so many open slots just waiting for you to stick a connector in.

Designed for laboratory use, the 49-strong USB board (it’s laid out like a motherboard) is likely employed for testing batches of USB cables and flash drives.  Who says we don’t need this thing at home, though?  I certainly do and would like one right about now, please.  Don’t expect it to draw power via the PC connection, though.  With those 49 connectors, it requires an independent ATX power supply to charge up.

Whatever USB monstrosity you’ve accumulated at home, I doubt you’ll exhaust all these ports.  If you prove me wrong, then buy two and set an appointment with your psychiatrist afterwards – you could use the help.  They cost a steep £399 apiece plus VAT and shipping since they’re sold from the UK.   Despite the price, I still really want one – don’t you?

[Cambrionix {PDF} via CrunchGear]