Design Your Own Garage Setup With This Modular Storage System


Want to design your own storage setup in the garage, but can’t be bothered to actually build it?  Not a problem with New Age’s Performance Plus 2.0 Series, which lets you build your dream garage setup by combining multiple items from their lineup.

A modular storage system for garages, the lineup consists of different sizes of cabinets, lockers, and drawers that you can mix and match at will. Simply choose pieces you want, tell them how you want them arranged, and whether you want them to be assembled or individually-delivered. That’s right, the individual pieces can be permanently bolted together according to your design, allowing you to build a garage workshop that’s exactly to your liking.


The New Age Performance Plus 2.0 Series offers two heights of multi-use lockers, both of which can be equipped with any number of shelves you’d like (or none at all).  They also have a two-door base cabinet (with two levels of storage), a five-drawer tool cabinet, a wall-mounted cabinet (with two shelves), and a wall-mounted cabinet for corners (with two shelves). All floor units can be mounted on height-adjustable leveling legs (from 3.25 to 5.25 inches) or fitted with casters for easy mobility in the garage.


Other modules include spacer kits (for walls and cabinets), worktops (either steel or bamboo), worktop leg supports, LED lights, and tool tray inserts for drawers. All pieces come in a high-gloss finish, either in black, blue, silver diamond plate (perfect for matching with your Chillerator Fridge), or black diamond plate.

You can check out the Performance Plus 2.0 Series range directly from the New Age website.

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