New e-Wolf e2 Electric Supercar Channels Lambo And Ferrari, Looks Wicked


Hey, look, another electric supercar.  And one that makes EVs from Tesla, Fisker and Shelby look like they don’t even deserve to use the name.  The e-Wolf e2 is the latest planned vehicle from the German firm, shamelessly borrowing its shape from playboy-worthy Italian roadburners.

Don’t let your heart race in excitement, yet, as the unapologetically Lambo-inspired 1.2-meter tall number only exists on paper.  Considering that e-Wolf did show off a working electric sportscar at the Frankfurt Motor Show (the e1), they just might have the chops to actually pull off this two-seater beauty.

Planned configuration for the 2,000-lb mains-charging menace involve equipping each wheel with one 134-horsepower electric motor, totalling 536 electric stags with a nasty-sounding 738 lb-ft of torque.  It’s expected to post a top speed of 155 mph, along with a 0 to 60 run up of under four seconds.  Power will be courtesy of a lithium-ion battery pack from CERIO, consisting of 84 flat cells good enough for a 187-mile driving range.  Charging time is ambitious – only 30 minutes.  Of course, I’m ambitious too, but it doesn’t mean I get everything I boastfully set out for.

Ahh, the concept supercar – can’t take them too seriously, but can’t ignore them either.  I mean, how are you not going to pay attention to a gas-free sportscar that looks like that?   The company is looking at a 2011 debut for the eWolf e2, which isn’t that far off in terms of building a production car.  According to e-Wolf, their electric car range, which include the e1 and the planned e2, will  hit the Near East and Japanese markets first.

[SpeedLux via Autoblog]