New York DIY Loft Kit Puts A Mini-Mezzanine In Your Tiny Apartment


Living in a tiny apartment in the city isn’t exactly slumming it, but it would be nice to enjoy a little more space to move around and stash your belongings. If your digs have a high-enough ceiling, you can do just that by adding a mini-mezzanine and we can’t imagine a more convenient way to do it than this New York DIY Loft Kit.

That’s right, you don’t to hire a contractor to build a mini-loft in your studio, apartment, or condo unit. Just pick up one of these kits and assemble it yourself. From what we can tell, it requires minimal alterations to the existing place, too, likely needing just to bolt down the frame to the floor to ensure it’s stable. If you’re renting, you might even get away with the landlord not noticing after you leave (they probably will, but you never know), so you just might get to collect your deposit back.


The New York DIY Loft Kit consists of three kits combined into one set: a mezzanine structure, a stair system, and a set of handrails so you don’t fall over during those times you’re walking on the loft while watching a movie on your phone’s 4K display (never a good idea). The mezzanine can be adjusted in height (anywhere from 5’8’’ to 9’3’’), width (6’7’’ to 11’10’’), and length (7’4’’ to 13’7’’), so you can totally customize it according to the available space and your personal needs. It can handle up to 121 pounds per square foot of floor space, so while it’s fine to sleep, work, and chill out there, having a party with a dozen or so people will probably put you in a precarious situation. Even better, the kit can be expanded with individual modules at any time, so you can build a full-fledged second floor in the tiny, overpriced city dwelling you call home.


Available now, the New York DIY Loft Kit is priced at 3,115.

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