Newspaper Rain Bag Can Double As An Emergency Umbrella

A waterproof bag is a nice solution for ensuring important gear doesn’t get wet.  And when the liquid-repelling bag is as wide as a broadsheet, like this Newspaper Rain Bag, it can double as an emergency “umbrella” when you get stuck in the rain, too.

Made by Koan Design, the tote bag clads itself in newspaper print — a perfect fit for its broadsheet-like 45.5 x 30.5 cm dimensions.  That way, you’ll look like an idiot running across the rain while covering your head with newspaper when, in reality, you’re actually an idiot running across the rain with a bag that barely covers your head.  Take that, bystanders.

The Newspaper Rain Bag is made from water-resistant canvas, ably protecting your stash (and, in the event of rain, your head) from the onslaught of water.  It looks like it has enough interior space to hold a whole host of gear (including a larger laptop), which you can carry by use of two straps mounted on the opening.

Do note that if you use this as your only shelter from the rain, all uncovered areas (basically everything that’s not your head) will still get wet.  Still, the newspaper design is clever and fun.  Plus, you can pretend to read it when you’re bored.

It’s available from the Yanko store, priced at $68.

[Yanko via TheAwesomer]