Nibble Pan Lets You Sample Your Cake Without Cutting Off A Slice

Nibble is an erstwhile ordinary cake pan with a twist — it comes with a second slot for baking a bite-sized piece of cake. That way, you can gobble up a tasty mouthful straight from the oven before it’s time to serve while managing to keep the entire cake intact. Sneaky.

Developed at the crowdsourced invention site Quirky, it features an 8-inch non-stick pan for baking soft, sugary treats, along with a small cup at the handle. Fill the pan with your choice of batter, pour a small amount on the cup, throw the whole thing in theĀ Viking Combi oven, and get cooking.

Measuring 11.5 x 9 inches (l x w), Nibble has an 8-inch nonstick pan with a 2-inch depth for baking your favorite homemade cakes, cornbread, and brownies. Since the tiny cake will probably cook faster than its larger counterpart, the miniature cup can easily be lifted out of the pan, so you can remove it for a taste test while the larger cake continues to bake. Construction is steel for the pan and silicone for the cup.

Yes, you can always eat the entire cake yourself and tell your small child you made the tiny one as a special treat for her. That would be evil, but, yes, you can do that. Nibble is available fromĀ Amazon, priced at $10.85.

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