This Custom Electric Motorcycle Uses The Battery Pack From A Nissan Leaf


We know, calling an electric motorcycle a “savage” doesn’t exactly sound very fitting. The custom-built Night Shift Leafy Savage, however, gets its name from its two most prominent donors: a 2003 Suzuki Savage and a Nissan Leaf.

That’s right, this motorcycle is a mash-up of a cruiser bike and an electric hatchback. More specifically, it uses the chassis of the Savage for the frame and the Nissan Leaf’s battery pack for the power, turning out a skeletonized two-wheeler that looks absolutely badass.


The body work for the Night Shift Leafy Savage, pretty much, follows the angles and tubing styles originally found on the donor Suzuki, so it retains much of the silhouette despite looking absolutely nothing like a cruiser. A custom brushless hub motor from Enertrac is set up inside the 18-inch rear wheel, putting out a continuous 13 horsepower and peaking at 40 ponies for those times you need a particularly big push. That motor is paired to the 96-volt Nissan Leaf battery array and a 250-amp Kelly controller for silky smooth power delivery.


Features include a Motogadget M-Unit wireless key, LED lighting, various RYCA mod components (rearsets, shocks, front fork drop), and a custom seat from Karl Volosh. There’s no word on top speed, but it packs enough charge to offer a 100-mile range, with just three hours of charging required to fill up the battery pack.


You can check out Night Shift’s website to learn more about the Leafy Savage.

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