Nike’s Reversible Windrunner Hoodie Hides A Heavily-Insulated Vest, So You Can Pretend You Ain’t Even Cold

When you absolutely want to wear a hoodie, but the weather’s a bit too cold to stay comfortable in one, you always give in to your compulsions and decide to put on your Ninja Hoodie anyway.  And, yes, you spend the day ruing that decision, as you shake under your clothes while walking to the parking lot, standing in line at the ATM, and getting some hotdogs from the corner truck.  If you absolutely need to wear a hoodie in the midst of colder than usual weather, you might want to pick up the Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner.

A reversible garment, it’s a hoodie on one side and a hoodie with a built-in extra-insulated vest on the other.  Wear the hoodie-only side and you’ll look like you’re rocking a regular hoodie, leaving everyone wondering how the hell you’re not shaking with the flimsy outfit you decided to put together on a particularly chilly day.  Put the reverse side on and it resembles the iconic Windrunner track jacket that became the face of Nike apparel back in 1978, adding a stylish touch of retro to your garb.

Described as “the ultimate in innovative warmth,” the Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner is actually a two-part garment, combining a hoodie cut in Nike Tech Fleece (smooth jersey fabric with a nylon spacer that traps body heat) with a Nike Aeroloft vest that’s packed with premium 800-fill down to deliver warmth without being dragged down by heft.   Features include tiered perforations that allow excess body vapor to escape, elastic trims to help trap warmth, and pockets with bonded zippers to keep small items secure.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, the Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner retails for $350.

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