NikeLab ACG Tech Shirt: This Dress Shirt Is Actually A Lightweight Jacket


No, it’s not exactly a dress shirt, but the NikeLab ACG Tech Shirt can probably pass off for one. I mean, just look at it. In truth, it’s a zip-up jacket done up to look like a dress shirt, so you can go to work like you’re wearing a button-up while enjoying the weather protection of a lightweight jacket.

A part of Nike’s new sport utility collection for the summer, you can tuck this shirt into your pants, pair it with a nice tie, and look like you’re rocking an everyday work attire. Well, until someone notices the zippers along the side, of course, which you can then pass off as a new dress shirt trend that started in Paris. Or something.


Like many Swoosh-branded products, the NikeLab ACG Tech Shirt is made from a water-repellent nylon, making it suitable to use in different types of weather. It features a slim-fit cut, with a clean silhouette that’s designed to hide the long zipper down the middle to help maintain the dressy appearance. To ensure comfort during wear, it comes with natural-movement sleeves, which should be a welcome change to those who find traditional slim-cut dress shirts a bit too constricting. Other details include a pair of zippered outer pockets, inner pockets, and even a back zipper that lets you tuck the whole shirt away into a tiny bundle. I just wish they didn’t include the feint gold label near the bottom, though, since (just like the zippers) that kinda ruins the whole dress shirt aesthetic.


Available now in blue and black colorways, the NikeLab ACG Tech Shirt is priced at $200.

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