Shred Through Your Cutting Tasks With The Guitar-Shaped Seki Sound Scissors

Lauded for its rich tradition in forging samurai swords, the city of Seki, in more recent times, has also become the home of modern Japanese kitchen cutlery. That’s right, all those fancy Japanese knives like bunka, gyuto, and santoku are made there, along with all other sorts of bladed products, such as the Nikken Seki Sound.

A pair of scissors styled to look like an electric guitar, the contraption lets you shred through all your cutting tasks like a guitar god slicing through a solo instrumental. Whether you’re a cutting up cardboard for a papercraft project, chopping the sleeves off an old tee, or trimming a desk mat so it fits snugly on your tabletop, this thing lets you do that while strutting like a rockstar.

The Nikken Seki Sound recreates the likeness of an electric six-string by shaping the handles like a guitar body and styling the blades like a fretboard. Specifically, they pattered the body after a classic electric guitar with asymmetric horns on each side, making you look like you’re snipping through items with a miniature Fender Strat. A plastic cover styled to look like a guitar headstock fits over the tip of the blades when the scissors aren’t in use, completing the electric guitar aesthetic, while a miniature guitar stand gives it a handy place to dock similar to an actual guitar.

Will it cut better than the standard scissors on your desk organizer? We don’t know. Given Nikken’s reputation for making extremely-sharp, high-quality knives, we imagine it will make for a really good cutting tool. The stainless steel blades, by the way, are sharpened by hand using the Kobabiki method, where different whetstones are used to sharpen different edges.

Originally a crowdfunded project in Japan, the Nikken Seki Sound is available as a regular product now. Price is $25.

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