Nimble Is A Cargo-Hauling Kick Scooter Capable Of Carrying 300 Pound Loads

Chances are, you’d scoff at the prospect of getting a cargo kick scooter when you can get a cargo bike — the latter just seems a lot easier to use when ferrying heavy goods. The Nimble Cargo Scooter, however, makes a strong case for serving as your load-hauling ride of choice.

Designed for short distance cargo trips, it boasts a more compact size compared to cargo bikes, all while managing to carry cargo up to 300 pounds. While that weight includes the rider, it’s still a heck of a lot of groceries for your trips to the mini-mart, supplies for your shirt printing business, and scavenged goods during supply runs in a post-apocalyptic earth.

Originally used in commercial shipping warehouses, the Nimble Cargo Scooter has been designed to serve as a workhorse contraption. It features a large 19×25-inch bin that’s made from high-density plastic, 6-inch solid core Colson wheels, aerospace-grade aluminum components (fork, brakes, and frame), and heat treated aluminum T-style handlebar. Yep, this isn’t the Razor Scooter you played with as a child. Because it needs to accommodate the large bin in front, the scooter is a longer 4.75 feet.

It uses a patented steering system that allows the rider full control of the vehicle, all while transporting plenty of weight in materials. From the steering’s excellent stability to its tight turning radius, this scooter could very well make for a compelling alternative over a conventional cargo bike.

The Nimble Cargo Scooter is available now, priced at $299.

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