Nimble Lets You Cut, Tear, And Slice Stuff Using Just One Finger


Ever wished you can turn your fingers into a cutting weapon like a gnarly mutant out of a superhero movie? While it won’t quite make blades pop out of your digits like a second-rate Wolverine, the Nimble certainly equips your fingers accordingly.

Billed as a “one-finger safety cutter,” it’s a finger sleeve with a very small blade at the tip, allowing you to turn your finger into a functional knife. No, it’s not a knife you can use as a fighting weapon, since the darn thing is supposedly too small to penetrate skin. If you were, however, fighting aliens made from paper and other ultra-thin materials, we guess it will do. Yes, we’re totally hoping when alien invaders arrive, that’s what they’re made of, so we can completely obliterate them with nothing more than tiny blades, running water, or a fire starter kit.


Nimble’s body is made with silicone rubber, allowing it to expand to fit any size of finger, so kids, adults, and people with oversized hands should all be able to slip it onto any of their fingers. Yes, it’s that one knife that’s actually recommended for kids, since the fact that it cannot penetrate skin means there is zero chance of sustaining accidental cuts from using it as an alternative to scissors and safety cutters. It’s also being touted as a perfect blade for people limited hand mobility, limited hand strength, and tremor sufferers, as you only need to move one finger in order to perform the necessary cutting motion.

If the blade is too small to penetrate skin, what exactly can you use it for? According to the outfit, it will make an excellent cutter for thin paper products (e.g. gift wrappers, brown bags, and envelopes), tape (for safely opening packages, as well as cutting rolls at home), food packaging, and similarly thin materials. If you think that hurts its usefulness, just imagine the last 10 things you cut with your pocket knife: chances are, most, if not all, of them fall into the above categories, as they’re really the most common things we use our EDC blades for.


A ribbed shape ensures the Nimble’s sleeve adheres securely to your finger, so it won’t slip off or slip sideways at any time. That means, as long as you keep your finger steady, the blade will also stay its course, allowing you to cut with excellent precision. As long as you can move your finger in a straight line, the darn thing should cut straight and even, too.


Do note, the fact that the blade is outside the sleeve means you’ll need to carry this in something it can’t cut if you want to bring it along. That probably rules out most clothing pockets (because pockets are usually made from slim fabric), bag pockets (for the same reason), and most EDC pouches. Probably best to keep it in a tin box, plastic container, or something similar if you want to bring it along anywhere.

Nimble is available now.

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Nimble - the one finger safety cutter
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