Nine Stories Elsie Series Touts Gorgeous Reclaimed Tables From Scrap Cars


Reclaimed scrap furniture seldom really looks all that appetizing.  After all, products designed with conservation and recycling in mind are typically geared towards utility, instead of style.  Nine Stories Furniture, on the other hand, revel in it – specifically picking out dead iron ravaged by the elements across salvage yards for their limited edition Elsie Series tables.

Producing artful home pieces from discarded sheet metal, Nine Stories makes full use of the unique colors and textures that years of sun and rain damage have inflicted on their chosen materials.  The result are stunningly creative pieces, with the expected  wear and tear (like rusting edges) lending the tables a completely unique character.

Using mostly roofs and other salvageable bodywork, they carefully remove each panel to preserve as much of the factory finish as possible.  They combine the aged sheets with a few modern components (about 70% of each piece is reclaimed), fashioning them into stylish coffee tables.  Since they try not to paint over the original finish, the materials retain most all of their well-worn vintage textures, leading to a unique aesthetic that’s hard to replicate using anything else.

With plenty of work going into each table and the artful quality they come endowed with, pieces in Nine Stories’ Elsie Series are going for steep prices beginning at $1,800 each.  I think that’s more expensive than the first shitty car I bought.

[Nine Stories via Autoblog]