Ninebot GoKart Kit Transforms The Outfit’s miniPRO Into A Full-Fledged Go-Kart


Segway’s Ninebot miniPRO isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire, but it does appear to have a cult following that enjoy cruising the streets using the outfit’s take on the flight-incapable hoverboard. Suffice to say, plenty of people find no good reason to pick one up. Well, that changes now with the Ninebot GoKart Kit, a clever accessory that transforms the wheeled transport machine into a fully-functional go-kart.

That’s right, you can turn the erstwhile two-wheeled machine into an open-wheeled vehicle that you can drive while sitting comfortably in the cockpit. Whether for driving around the neighborhood, the nearby parking lot, or the local race tracks, this thing should offer the same satisfying experience as any motorized go-kart.


The Ninebot GoKart Kit comes with all the parts you need to turn the erstwhile hoverboard into a functional go-kart, from the frame and the barebones body panels to the front wheels and the bucket-style seat. To assemble, you only need to tack on the kart to the miniPRO, integrating the latter as its rear wheels, so the hoverboard can propel the go-kart forward, while the kart’s integrated steering mechanism and pedals allow you to drive it like a traditional vehicle.

Built-in Bluetooth allows the go-kart to communicate with the app, so you can use a smartphone as a dashboard display to see how fast you’re going at any time. We’re assuming the same Bluetooth connection is used to coordinate your driving with the miniPRO in the back, so it knows when you’re stepping on the gas to accelerate or when you’re engaging the brakes, prompting it to take the appropriate action. We don’t know if the go-kart is actually equipped with its own brakes or if it merely relies on the hoverboard shutting down, but at the price point they’re selling this, we definitely hope so.


Since it uses the miniPRO’s motor, the Ninebot GoKart Kit can reach top speeds of 15 mph, which should be satisfying enough while still being safe, although the added weight of the kart does affect the range, allowing it to cover just nine miles before requiring a recharge (as opposed to 14 miles when you use the hoverboard on its own). For safety, it comes with three adjustable speed settings, so you can lower the maximum speed if you want your children to ride just a little slower.

An adjustable frame length allows you to accommodate short and tall riders alike, while a large seat provides enough room to hold both children and adults, making it suitable for people of all ages. Do note, the maximum payload is 220 pounds, so bigger adults with heftier frames might want to find other go-kart options. Dimensions are 54 x 32 x 24 inches (length x width x height) when fully extended, with a weight of 61 pounds, so any adult should be able to load this up in the boot of the car for taking down an empty lot or any place where they can drive around safely.


The downside? The Ninebot GoKart Kit is quite pricey, retailing for $599, which goes on top of whatever price you can pick up a miniPRO for. Chances are, you’re going to be spending north of a grand to enjoy a Segway-powered go-kart.

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