Ninjas Throwing Star Range: Finally, A Place For Ninjas To Hone Their Skills

You have a closetful of ninja clothes, all the ninja weapons you can get off eBay, and even finished a ninja course. But what fun is being a ninja when you can’t hang out with other ninjutsu warriors? Now, that’s a real problem since there’s really no place for ninjas to meet and mingle. At least, that’s the case until the Ninjas Throwing Star Range opens its doors.

Yep, someone’s opening a place to hone your ninja throwing abilities. From what we can tell, it’s going to be like a gun range with individual lanes for ninjas to practice pitching bladed projectiles, allowing you to perform throws in peace and quiet — just the way a real ninja likes it.

Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the Ninjas Throwing Star Range will have lanes available for up to 20 ninjas to sharpen their weaponcraft, along with ninja classes and a variety of shuriken blades available for purchase. Being one of the few places in the world where ninjas can rub elbows and chat, it’s not all serious training at the facility — they’ll have a sake bar where visiting ninjas can pound drinks and turn into slobbering drunks. With that in mind, be careful: you don’t want to get too drunk and spill your secret missions to all the other ninjas in the house.

The Ninjas Throwing Star Range will open in Spring 2014.

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