Nixon Gunship Watches Come With Paint Designed To Wear Stylishly

Most paint jobs  wear and deteriorate over the years.  Some stuff, like male fashion accessories, do manage to look even better with chipped paint along the body and edges.  The new Nixon Gunship Collection comes with a finish that’s purposely designed to rub off, leaving you with a stylishly rugged timepiece that goes well with your vintage shirt, stone-washed jeans and worn-out Chucks.

Designed to look like the bodies of battle-scarred robots over time, the Nixon Gunship watches sport a unique matte coating that wear increasingly from heavy use.  Absolutely not for folks who are haunted by scratches, it offers a surefire way to give an obsessive-compulsive friend some heavily serious fits.

The Nixon Gunship Collection takes four of the company’s popular watch models, the 51-30 Chrono, Sentry, Banks and Player, and dresses them in the special, easy-to-distress paint job.  Each timepiece is essentially the same as the standard, non-Gunship variety, so the chipping paint is actually the one, differentiating selling point.

We’re not sure how long it takes for the scars to begin showing, but we’re guessing you should be able to distress it on your own rather easily.  The good thing about trying to make a watch look like it’s been through the ringer is, if you mess up, that could actually make it better.  Prices for the Nixon Gunship Collection range from $190 to $500, depending on the model. These are one helluva cool watches.