Nixon’s New Rubber Player Green Watch


While fancy rotors, a mini-casino or a thousand jewels can definitely make a watch stand out, the coolest timepieces always manage to grab attention just by virtue of their originality.  Such is the case for Nixon’s iconic Rubber Player series, a limited edition line of four watches, with one model released each month.

The third model has just been announced – a green Rubber Player slated to hit stores tomorrow.  As with the Red and Blue watches before it, all participating stores will only get four units each, so I suggest you hurry and get one because I doubt this will last more than a few hours.

Personally, I find the Green Rubber Player much more attractive than the previous two releases – the color just seems to pop out more.  It takes the same shape and design as the other two other variants, decked in a unified flowing rubber body, with only the hands, the emblem, a single crystal and the steel-plate at the back breaking the unified hue.

As the name suggests, the whole body is made from a single 100 meter water-resistant molded silicone rubber, finished in a striking green color.  The remaining visible parts consist of stainless steel skeleton hands, backplate and emblem, a hardened mineral crystal at the bottom of the dial and a triple gasket crown.  Best get your $170 ready and camp out at a participating outlet now if you want to score a piece!

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