No Bake Tent Keeps Out Heat And Light Better Than Any Other Tent


Chances are, you’ve attended your share of summer festivals earlier this year. While awesome, it’s rarely the most comfortable time, since you spend most of the nights partying and most of the day trying to sleep in a sweltering hot tent. That wouldn’t have been a problem if you were using the No Bake Tent.

Designed for festival camping, the tent keeps out both heat and light better than any other tent, ensuring it’s cool and dark inside, so you can sleep in late into the day. No more feeling like you’re roasting alive by the time noon rolls around – just keep sleeping and getting your strength, so you can piss it all again partying when night time hits.


The No Bake Tent uses a dual-layer shell that reflects heat and blocks light, ensuring the sun doesn’t affect the temperature inside. Since sun isn’t the only thing that can ruin a good time, the tent is reinforced to withstand strong winds, as well as keep both sand and dust out, making it ideal for use during desert festivals.  And just in case it rains, no worries, as it’s waterproof and seam-sealed, so you won’t get wet inside, either.


Features include huge doors, a solar-ready design (it has tie down loops, power cord passthroughs, and a spot for batteries), front and rear vestibules, two tablet pockets with viewing windows, multiple stuff pockets, hooks for hanging camp lights, and loops for holding your speakers. It measures 6.5 feet tall and has floor space sized to sleep up to six people.

Now available for preorder with a spring delivery next year, the No Bake Tent is priced at $469.

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