No More Dirty Billfolds Again – The Dishwasher-Safe Wallet


Your wallet may be awesome, complete with wild designs and funky slots.  Give it a few years of regular use, though, and it will end up like everyone else’s billfolds – dirty and gross.  That’s why the Dishwasher Safe Wallet rocks, allowing you to drop it into that machine with soap and water without any worries of mucking it up.

A durable billfold, the retail page claims it can withstand both “a gale force wind or the torrents of a dishwasher.”  Yep, just like a 747 and a miniature submarine in one (okay, that description is a bit out there).  Not surprising, since it’s woven from carbon fiber sailcloth, the same material they use in building the ultra-tough sails of racing yachts.

How tough is that material?  Supposedly, it’s 5x stronger than steel, all while being 80% lighter.  For further reinforcement, the carbon fiber is encased in a flexible, water-proof resin and stitched into an accessory using the three-step zigzag method.

The Dishwasher Safe Wallet measures 4.75 x 3.5 W x .25 inches and weighs a light 1.25 oz.    It comes with a full-size pocket for bills, along with four slots for cards.  Unlike typical leather wallets, it’s impervious to stretching, fading or cracking, allowing it to look brand-spanking new even after 1,000,000 years (okay, maybe that’s a bit much), like an immortal cockroach.

Sure, it may not look as dapper as you regular backpocket fare.  If you intend to change wallets but once every decade, though, the $49.95 price sure sounds like a great value.