These Tables Come With Pivoting Feet That Allow Them To Auto-Stabilize On Any Surface


Setting up a table in a backyard, a sidewalk, or a parking lot usually leads to the same result: a shaky table that you’ll have to rig with stones, folded-up paper, and other small objects to balance perfectly. Unless, of course, you’re using No Rock’s Table Bases, which are designed to automatically level no matter what surface the darn thing is standing in.

Designed by Australian inventor Chris Heyring, who’s best known for creating innovative suspension systems, the table base comes with a clever design that allows it to be perfectly level in any surface. No more tables that stand at a slightly tipped angle, tip over when you lean into it, or shake every time you lay down your giant coffee cup – the darn thing automatically levels itself perfectly as soon as you set it down on the ground.


The No Rock Table Bases achieve the impressive feat courtesy of four feet attached to the central leg. You see, each of the feet is connected to the leg independently, with the gaps between them enabling vertical movement, allowing each feet to adjust in height until it finds the perfect angle that keeps the table level. With the weight pushing down on it from the tabletop, all four feet are forced to lean against each other, creating the solid and stable base. Simply put, the table will stand completely level whether you place it on a sandy beach, a grassy lawn, or an uneven sidewalk with no adjustments necessary, making it ideal for cafes, restaurants, and other venues in al fresco settings.

That’s right, someone finally created the perfect base for outdoor tables, so you never have to fold up a napkin to use as a wedge the next time you enjoy some food and wine at an outdoor bistro with friends. It uses a purely mechanical solution, too, that requires neither manual input (as telescoping table legs do) or powered electronics. We’re not sure about the maintenance requirements for this thing, but based on the way they explain the patented function, it doesn’t sound all that complicated, so a regular handyman should be able to figure it out.


The No Rock Table Base come in five styles for now: Esplanade (for sophisticated dining), Parkway (minimalist and simple), Terrace (which comes with a nesting function courtesy of the foldable top), Avenue (casual), and Trail (a more rugged styling). Each one comes in similar dimensions, namely an 18.9-inch tabletop connection, a 27.9-inch leg, and a 27-inch diameter feet. Each one comes in five colors


All four should be ideal for café-style tables (31.5-inch round or square tabletops), although you can probably get away with using two on a larger tabletop if you need to create a dining table that can handle outdoor surfaces. All three components (legs, feet, and tabletop connector) are detachable, by the way, allowing the whole thing to flat pack during shipping.

Want one? The No Rock Table Base is available now, with prices starting at $359.99.

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