This Hammock Transforms Into A Functional 20-Liter Backpack


Ever get the hankering to just set up a hammock out of nowhere? Yes, we get that occasionally, too. Problem is, carrying a hammock all the time just isn’t practical, so there’s a good chance you’re never equipped for one. Unless, of course, your hammock also happens to be the backpack where you carry all your gear. That’s exactly the case with the Nomad Hammock.

Billed as “a comfortable hammock and a practical backpack in one,” the contraption can easily transform from backpack to hammock and back, allowing you to have a hammock on hand as long as your bag is sitting nearby. That means, you can carry your stuff in the backpack for a day at the beach, then convert it into a hammock once you find a comfortable spot to set up later (yes, the roof of your car counts).


The Nomad Hammock is made from a body-adaptive nylon mesh material that boasts a high degree of elasticity, so it comfortably cradles your body while you lie down, all while being breathable and soft to the touch. A strap adjustment system allows you to adjust the way the hammock is suspended, allowing you to vary the sitting or lying positions that it will accommodate. It can accommodate individuals up to 6’6” tall and up to 264 pounds in weight, so most people should be able to use it as a viable hammock for some outdoor relaxation. When setting up, the outfit recommends finding trees or posts between 13 and 24 feet apart.

In backpack mode, the exposed sections of the bag are made from Cordura 1000D fabric, which comes with strong resistance to wearing and tearing, so it should survive the ravages of daily use. Both the back panel and the adjustable straps are made from a mesh material, which should provide the necessary ventilation to help you avoid sweating. A 20-liter main compartment allows you to use it an everyday backpack, while also being useful for a short hike at the local trails or a day trip at the beach. It also comes with zippered exterior pockets for easy access to smaller items.


The Nomad Hammock measures 50 x 30 x 14 inches (height x width x depth) in backpack mode, while spreading out to 78.7 x 39.3 inches when unfolded into a hammock. Do note, all the straps of the backpack remain visible in hammock mode, so you will find things dangling at the bottom, which might look a little distracting but won’t affect its performance in any way.


Folding the hammock into a backpack requires just six steps, which you should be able to do by following a simple illustrated chart. Integrated Velcro in strategic positions fasten the material in place, with buckled straps securing everything in place and completing the transformation into a functional bag. Features include a water-resistant nylon rain cover, suspension straps made from seatbelt fabric, Duraflex buckles, and a carry handle on top of the backpack.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Nomad Hammock. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €195.

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