Nomad Stand Qi2 Magnetic Charging Brings the New Wireless Charging Standard in an Elegant Package

Next year, Qi2 is set to become the new wireless charging standard and we can’t wait to see the deluge of new products in the space. Seriously, we’ve had Qi around for a bit too long and it’s really time for a change. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with fresh announcements of upcoming products in the space. One of our favorite so far is the new Nomad Stand Qi2 Magnetic Charging, which brings the new standard and everything it has to offer.

To the unfamiliar, Qi2 is the new version of the Qi wireless charging standard, which was officially announced earlier in the year. They actually used MagSafe as a reference when the new standard was being developed, which is why it shares similarities with Apple’s proprietary setup, namely that they both use magnets to line up the charging hardware and they both charge compatible devices at 15W, which is a big upgrade over the 7.5W the Qi has been stuck doing for years. As such, if you already have the MagSafe version of the Nomad Stand, it might not be that exciting of an update, unless, of course, you plan to use it with non-MagSafe Qi2 devices in the future.

The Nomad Stand Qi2 Magnetic Charging retains the same general design of the outfit’s charging stand. You get an angled L-shaped device that’s designed to stand upright on your desk, with the vertical section sporting a large round magnetic disc that you can snap your device onto in either landscape or portrait orientation at a 21-degree viewing angle. That way, you can charge your phone while it sits upright on the desk, allowing you to easily use any app, watch videos, or read messages while it’s docked.

According to the outfit, it will charge not just Qi2 devices, but also any MagSafe device, so those using an iPhone 12 can still charge their phones on the stand, despite it not being Qi2-compatible. It should also work with compatible devices even with their cases on, although it won’t work with stock Qi-compatible phones, since they won’t have the magnets to securely dock onto the disc. We’re not sure if you can install a magnetic case to charge a Qi-compatible phone, though, but we’re definitely going to try.

The Nomad Stand Qi2 Magnetic Charging is made with a solid metal body and smooth glass on top, so this is very durable with a premium feel. The base is fitted with non-slip rubber, too, ensuring it stays in place, whether you set it down on the nightstand, the coffee table, or the far side of your desk at the office. It weighs just over a pound, too, so you can pack it up and take it to the office, then bring it back home with no problem, so long as you have space for it in your bag. It’s offered in two colors: white and black.

The Nomad Stand Qi2 Magnetic Charging is set for availability in the coming weeks. Price is $100.

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