Charge Five Gadgets At A Time Using Nomad’s Wireless Charging Hub


With wireless charging starting to become more common among mobile devices, it’s not surprising to see a growing number of devices that can facilitate them. Problem is, most of our gadgets still charge using conventional means, which means you’ll still need to keep that USB charging hub along with the Qi-compatible charger on your desk. The Nomad Wireless Charging Hub combines both into a single device.

A charging hub for our wireless charging times, the device pairs a Qi-compatible charging mat with multiple USB ports. That way, you can use it to charge all your mobile gadgets in one place, instead of having separate chargers for juicing up each type.


The Nomad Wireless Charging Hub looks like an erstwhile regular wireless charging mat, albeit with a build that’s thicker than what you’ll normally find. That’s because underneath the wireless charging top, which outputs a maximum of 7.5 watts, sits a quartet of USB ports where you can plug in the rest of your USB-charging gadgets. The USB array includes one fast-charging 2.4A USB-A port, two 1A USB-A ports, and one USB Type-C slot for charging your laptop. All USB slots come labeled, by the way, so you know exactly which one you’re plugging into at any time.


Since the USB slots are discreetly hidden near the backside under the top, there are no connectors visible at any time. Instead, the only thing people can see are the cables, all of which are secured on the integrated routing passage. Features include a soft rubber top that’s gentle on your gadgets, molded TPE footing so it doesn’t move around the table, and steel inserts for added stability.


Available now, the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub is priced at $79.95.

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