Nomiku Is A Portable Sous Vide Machine

Being a snobbish foodie ain’t easy.  Last year, you spent $2000 on a sous vide appliance so you can get perfectly cooked meat without driving to an expensive restaurant.  And you’ve been so spoiled by your nightly sous vide dinners that you can’t stand the thought of leaving home and eating the kind of food less sophisticated pallets enjoy.  If the Nomiku manages to make it to production, you may not have to.

A portable sous vide contraption, it lets you turn any regular pot into a slow-cooking water bath.  Small pots, big pots, giant pots — just attach this thing and turn that erstwhile humble kitchen cookware into a proper sous vide  contraption.

When clipped onto the side of a pot, the Nomiku will control both the temperature and the movement of the water, so there’s no need to use the pot with any cooktop — this thing will do the cooking on its own.  The rest of the process involves the usual sous vide steps  like sealing your food in a pouch and waiting for hours (or days) before declaring the meal ready for consumption.

The portable appliance produces up to 750 watts of heat, with a circulation rate of 10 liters per minute.  Operation is simple: just plug it in (requires wall outlet, so no sous vide for you in the woods), turn the temperature knob to the desired heat and watch the readings via the onboard 1.3-inch OLED screen.  The pot needs to have at least 4 inches of water to cook properly.

The Nomiku is currently listed on Kickstarter and waiting for funding.  You can reserve yourself one for $299.

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