Nook Simple Touch Comes With Integrated Lights For Night Reading

E-ink readers have always been great for sustained, low-power reading activities.  Until you try reading in the bedroom with the lights turned down — e-ink just doesn’t work that way. Some folks remedy the problem with one of those clip-on reading lights.  If you’d rather not spring for another costly accessory, though, you could avoid it entirely by trading in your reader for the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

The latest version of Barnes & Noble’s e-reader, the device comes with a built-in lighting system that allows you to read through e-ink screens even in the dark.  That way, you can finish the next novel in your reading list whether you’re out in the sun or hiding away from the rest of world in your dark, dingy basement.  And the lighting unit isn’t one of those flexible arm thingies that just look cumbersome and awkward.  Instead, it’s built right into the frame, illuminating the reading panel from the sides to make it visible without having to turn on the lights.

The Nook Simple Touch features a 6-inch e-ink display (600 x 800 resolution, 16-level grayscale) with Barnes & Noble’s “Best-Text” technology ensuring crisp and clear text and graphics.  Main selling point, of course, is the integrated GlowLight, which gives you a soft reading light on command spread evenly across the screen.  It’s adjustable, too — just slide your finger  to change from a soft glow to a bright beam and vice versa.

Like other e-ink readers, it’s extra-thrifty with your battery, lasting as long as an entire month on just a single charge.  And that’s with the GlowLight on, too.  Other features include 7-ounce weight, a built-in anti-glare screen protector, WiFi connectivity (with free access to all AT&T and B&N hotspots) and a microSD card slot.

Currently available for preorder, the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is priced at $139.