Nope Privacy Shield Puts An Elegant Cover On Your Laptop Camera To Prevent Unauthorized Snooping

Sure, it sounds like a worry reserved for the overly paranoid, but malicious individuals really can switch on your laptop’s camera and film you using sneaky software tricks.  Even if there’s a very small chance you’ll fall victim to such snooping, why not eliminate the possibility?  Nope does that in the most elegant way possible.

While you can cover up your laptop’s camera with tape, it’s hardly the nicest solution.  Tape leaves residue, apart from looking like an absolute eyesore on an erstwhile slick piece of computing machine.  I mean, you didn’t pay premium for a MacBook’s design just to burden it with ugly tape, did you?

Described as a “magnetic privacy shield,” Nope consists of two thin and small disc magnets.  You attach one disc to the side of the camera, with the other disc designed to revolve around it, so you can turn it to cover the camera when you want privacy and simply turn it the other way when you want to Skype with a friend.  The magnet itself doesn’t actually stick to the bezel on your laptop or tablet (it comes with a thin layer of 3M VHB tape), so the magnet won’t damage or affect any of the electronics.

It’s available in two sizes, Nope Mini and Nope Micro, so you can find an appropriate version for laptops, camera-toting desktops (like iMacs and all-in-ones), and mobile devices.   Both are thin enough that they won’t create an obstruction, allowing laptops to close properly even with the magnets still in place, with a smooth nickel-plated surface that will keep it from scratching any part of your devices.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Nope.  Pledges to reserve a pair starts at $5.

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