Clever Design Allows The Norrom Aquarium To Look Perfectly Uncluttered


A well-designed aquarium can make a beautiful addition to any home. Problem is, even the most ornately-decorated tanks still usually suffer from several cables hanging from the lid, putting a damp on an erstwhile pristine scene. The Norrom Aquarium solves this problem by obscuring all the cabling and maintenance hardware away from sight, giving you a well-lit and properly-filtered tank that looks as uncluttered as a simple fish bowl.

Instead of having all the lighting and filtration systems in plain sight, it tucks them away at the bottom of the tank, ensuring they can do their job without stealing attention from the real stars of the show. The filtration system, for instance, sits at the bottom of the tank in a sunken compartment inside the base, where it can easily be covered up by rocks and pebbles without impinging on its operation. Same goes with the lighting, which sends 500 lumens of white light from the base through the bubble tube to a hidden mirror on top, creating even light distribution with little shimmer or glare.


The Norrom Aquarium is a 40-liter tank cut in a cylindrical shape, with a recessed base and lid that draws all attention to the marine life in the middle. Aside from the light and the filter system, the base also holds the air pump, while the water surface extends into the covered lid, so any unsightly residue or condensation is kept away from sight. The size, of course, isn’t ideal if you like to keep big fish around, but for barbs, zebrafish, guppies, dwarf frogs, and similarly smaller creatures, thing this should make for a perfect tank to showcase them at home.

Available now, pricing for the Norrom Aquarium starts at £269.

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