North Face Bite20 Backpack Makes Laptop Toting Geeks Look Cool Too

You need a beefy backpack to haul a laptop and a mass of electronic gear around.  Check.  You don’t want to look like a dork.  Errrr.  I guess you can get away with both of those with this: the North Face Bite20.

Sporting a boxy and minimalist shape, it looks sleek enough to pass off wearing with a suit.  Of course, it’s probably a good idea to hold it by the dual handles instead of strapping it over your back in that situation, but I’d rock it either way.

The North Face Bite20 measures 46.5 × 29 × 16 centimeters, with a 20-liter capacity for the primary storage area.   It’s got three main zip-up compartments (front, middle and back), with the middle section able to handle laptops up to 17 inches, a mass of mesh and neoprene pockets to keep things organized and a padded slit that can fit in an iPad or a second laptop (up to 13 inches).

Outer material is wear-resistant nylon, which should be durable enough to see this through daily abuse.  The bottom part also has built-in cushion to protect your stash during ground impact.

Japan gets the North Face Bite20 first, where it’s currently selling for ¥14,800.  A bag this good-looking probably won’t take long to hit a retailer near you, though, so expect it sometime soon.

[Goldwin(Japanese) via High Snobiety]