Northfire Inferno Gets So Hot Instantly, It Can Cook Your Steaks In Minutes


Grilling sounds like a simple affair. You heat up the grill, line up your meats, and turn them over with your grilling tool when needed. That’s it. As simple as that sounds, grilling a piece of steak just right is easier than done. The Northfire Inferno wants to make it as fast and simple as can be.

An infrared grill, the backyard cooker heats up to maximum temperature immediately, allowing it to grill practically anything within minutes. An inch-thick cut of New York Strip? One minute of cooking to get it to medium rare. A 3/4-inch chop of pork loin? Just two minutes to get it done. An inch-thick salmon steak? Two minutes and it’s good to go. Even better, you’re supposed to just leave the darn thing in while it cooks, then turn off the grill as soon as the time is up. Seriously, that’s about as simple and fast as grilling gets. Granted, we doubt your cooking times will be exactly as fast (we’re guessing all those are during ideal conditions), but we imagine it won’t be too far off in actual practice.


The Northfire Inferno is a tabletop appliance that’s designed strictly for use outdoors, so you’ll want to set it up on a table or counter in the backyard or patio. It uses an infrared-based heating element situated at the top, which can instantly heat up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit at the single push of the ignitor control. A four-level rack is situated inside the grill, so you can cook your food items at different heights. Place your meat at the top level if you want it well done or put it way down at the bottom to leave it rare and bloody. The catch? You can only cook one piece at a time, so you’ll have to do multiple rounds of cooking if you’re feeding a few people.

That rack, by the way, can easily slide in and out of the grill, making it easy to place and remove meats on the rack without coming anywhere near the heating element. The same removable design makes it dead easy to clean, since you can simply remove it from the grill and throw it into the dishwasher.


The Northfire Inferno measures just 16 x 10 x 14 inches, so it’s compact enough to find room for somewhere in your backyard cooking setup. It’s propane-powered, by the way, so you can bring it out of the house with no problems, allowing you to use it to grill meats during tailgates, camping, and other outdoor adventures. Do note, heating to 1500 degrees means it uses up a lot of propane, so they recommend using a 20-pound tank to ensure there’s enough to draw from (those small Coleman propane bottles won’t do).


Construction is stainless steel for all parts, so they’re both durable and easy to clean. Each grill, by the way, comes with the four-level rack, one food tray, one drip tray, and a grill plate.

The Northfire Inferno is available now.

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