Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express: Finally, A Dedicated Appliance That Cooks Nothing But Bacon


A dedicated toaster makes heating your bread dead simple every morning, so why can’t another dedicated appliance do the same for the bacon you’re eating along with it? That’s exactly what the Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express brings to your kitchen, giving you a way to cook crispy strips of pork belly with the same ease as pop-up toaster.

That’s right, there’s now a countertop appliance that cooks nothing but bacon. And it’s super compact, with a narrow and upright profile that allows it to take up very little space, so you can cram it even in the most crowded kitchen counters. Seriously, it takes up less space than a single slice toaster.


The Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express has doors on both sides of the appliance, with a vertical heating element between them. When cooking, simply open both doors and hang the bacon strips around the heating element, then close the doors and turn the dial to the desired setting. It can cook both thin and thick cuts of bacon, each of which comes with their own individual setting, while a tray on the bottom gathers all the grease drippings, so you can use them to make gravy, cook fried rice, or flavor your hot sauce.


Features include a heating element that can cook up to six strips at a time, removable non-stick plate for easy cleaning, cool touch handles, and an illuminated cooking dial with a timer display. It measures 11 x 8.6 x 4.4 inches (depth x height x width).

Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express is available now.

Nostalgia BCN6BK Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill
  • Cook up to 6-strips of bacon in minutes