Nottage G-1 Pool Table: Play 9-Ball In Style


If pool is too easy and you need a little more challenge, you probably need to vary your playing environment.  The Nottage G-1 Pool Table will likely do it for you – with its distracting clear-top design, your game is certain to require a little fine-tuning.

Nottage claims their table plays just like a regular pool set, with the same traction and resistance, allowing you to throw your amazing banked shots with the same accuracy.  Of course, you’ll have to be looking at a distracting floor, instead of a color felt, which could change the play somewhat.  If I were your opponents, I’d put a few Playboys right under the table as well, hopefully adding enough to sidetrack your cue stick wizardry.

The table, along with all bundled equipment (cue sticks, pockets, bumpers, balls), are sized to international standards.  The playing top is made from 15 mm toughened glass, covered with a clear “Vitrik” surface.  According to Nottage, the “Vitrik” allows the balls to roll the same way they would on slate and cloth models, while creating a stunning effect that makes them look like they’re floating on air.  A durable coating, the playing surface is expected to retain the same traction throughout its usable life.

If you’re looking for a pool table that can double as a conversation piece, I doubt you’ll find anything better than the Nottage G1-Pool Table.  It’s a stunning piece that’s bound to last you a long time, considering the top itself is reported to be six times stronger than regular glass surfaces while the body uses steel and aluminum frames to resist regular damage that wooden pool tables are normally subjected to.  At a price of around $30,000, though, it better last long or I’ll go crazy!

[ Nottage Design via GadgetGrid ]