Use Nourish To Make Customized And Personalized Supplements


Do you take a lot of supplements? So much so that you have a shelf lined with capsules, tablets, and powders in the kitchen that looks like they came straight out of GNC? Nourish is a single countertop appliance that wants to replace that entire shelf.

An appliance that cranks out customized formulas, it mixes exactly the supplement you need right from the comfort of your kitchen. Whether you want a big hit of protein for a workout, a caffeine-based blend for weight loss, or your favorite supplement cocktail for combating terrible hangovers, this will get you the exact mix — no more, no less.


Nourish is a box about the same size as pod-based coffeemakers, with a large touchscreen out front for user interaction and pod-based compartments on top. Up to 16 of those pods can be loaded on the machine, each of which can contain any individual nutrient, vitamin, mineral, or herb you want (e.g. iron, calcium, vitamin B12). Called seeds, each container is RFID-enabled, allowing the system to recognize when a particular pod is starting to run low (you can set it to auto-order when that happens). From the touchscreen, users can concoct a batch of their supplement cocktail of choice, getting their custom shot in just a few taps.

Even better, the accompanying app can sync with various fitness trackers, then use your data to determine the exact kind of nutrients you need to take. Not only will it mix that personalized blend at the push of a button, it will send you a reminder when you need to take your next shot.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Nourish. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $299.

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