Numark Redphone Is A Single-Can DJ Monitor Headphone

When picking up a pair of DJ headphones, it usually means one thing — the ear cups can be swiveled upward, so the DJ can keep one ear on the live sound and another on the cue up tracks.  That may change soon with the Numark Redphone, a one-cup monitoring headphone designed to minimize the rig hanging around your head.

Unlike most monitoring headphones, it dispenses of the traditional headphone design, limiting its placement to just one side of your head.  Using a stick-style form factor, it’s meant to be held up by one hand to the ear when you need to monitor the next tracks, or cupped between the shoulder and the ear when you need to use both hands.

The Redphone’s hardware is based on Numark’s Red Wave line, sporting a 50mm driver, neodymium magnet and voice coil for optimal frequency respose.  Like standard DJ headphones, the leather-padded ear cups can swivel, with a closed-cup design for isolating audio when you need it.  The stick sports a cushioned handle to ensure comfortable use.  Included cable is a generous 10 feet long.

If you find the heft and bulk of full DJ headphones a little inconvenient during gigs, the Numark Redphone should offer a less encumbered alternative.  It’s available now, priced at $69.95.

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