Nunettes Sponge Bob Sunglasses Let You See The World Through Beady Eyes

You don’t have to be Kanye or Rihanna to rock funky sunglasses.  Except I don’t know if this is funky or just plain nerdy.  At any rate, these Sponge Bob Sunglasses are certain to make you stand out.  We’re just not sure if that’s a good thing.

Created by Nunettes “Made In Montmartre,” the specs actually come in two styles: Aware Side and Love Side.  Yep, neither of those names make sense, but they’re excellent ways of dodging the need to acquire an official license from the creators of your favorite underwater city, Bikini Bottom.

The pair of Sponge Bob Sunglasses both come in the classic wayfarer-style frame.  Unlike other weird shades that make the rims look funky, the plastic frame is actually all black and serious here.  Making up for the sane design are the actual lens themselves, which come decked with Sponge Bob eyes — wide open on the Aware Side and sleepy on the Love Side.

Make sure your facial features don’t actually resemble SpongeBob Squarepants if you’re going to get a pair of these.  Because that will be hilarious.  And we doubt it’s a good thing since you’re the butt of the joke.  If you’re more like a Patrick or a Squidward, then it could be genuinely funny.   You can get them from Colette, priced at €29.

[Colette via High Snobiety]