Nut Dice Ring Helps You Make Important Life Decisions

Life’s a gamble and you embrace it.  That’s why you live and die by the dice.  In fact, you’ve made most of your life decisions by relying on the roll of a six-sided knucklebone.  Which college to go to?  Roll the dice.  Should I break up with my girlfriend or should I ask her to move in? Roll the dice.  Should I pay down my debt or use this money to buy a LaserSaber?  Yeah, you rolled the dice.

Sure, folks far older and wiser will probably tell you it’s a stupid idea to rely on a dice roll.  But it’s far less geeky-looking than asking a magic 8-ball.  It’s also easier on the soul than having to own up to your mistakes.  Maturity is so overrated. So to hell with your haters, the dice stays.  Celebrate the decision with this cute Nut Dice Ring, a six sided nut-shaped piece of jewelry  that can double as a sort-of-functional dice.

Made by Individual Icons, the ring features six flat sides like a standard nut for connecting bolts and stuff.  Except each of the sides come with what looks like studs (or some cheap glass carved like a gem) that allow you to use the ring like a dice for playing, I don’t know, Snakes and Ladders or some old crap like that.  Oh yeah, and for making important life decisions, of course.

Like regular dice, each pair of opposing sides add up to seven, which is probably important for lifelong dice-hounds like you.  We’re not sure how you’re supposed to throw it (I mean, it will mostly land with the round side down), but I guess you can just close your eyes, turn it on your fingers and use whichever number is facing you at the end of it.

The Nut Dice Ring is made from sterling silver and measures a quarter inch wide.  It’s available in sizes  6 through 10, priced at $88.

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